Logos School of Ministry

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Deaf Discipleship

A series of classes equip deaf people interested in understanding the Bible and how to grow as Disciples 


Various classes on different topics that may be of interest to you. How to handle your money, Marriage improvement, and many many more to help you in everyday life.

Pastoral Leadership Course

This area is for men and women that desire to be leaders in their church or community. They will provide a big growth in your leadership skills

 Minister’s Internship 

This area is for people seriously wanting to work with deaf individuals. This course provides internships in areas of deaf ministry that may interest you. Teaching, pastoring or just being an experience church leader.

The Deaf Connection

Contact Us

Contact us if you need someone if you need prayer or to talk to someone, or if you feel alone in this time of craziness in the world.. We will contact your email or your VP is if you give us you VP or Text number


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